David Moyes must be fired immediately.

I registered this website during the summer of 2013 before David Moyes had even managed a single game, but I never really wanted to take it “live”.  I registered it in much the same way that many colleges and teams register these URLs just to keep them out of the hands of loud-mouth fans.  My sincere hope was the David Moyes would be a stunning success at our beloved Manchester United and I would just keep paying the URL fees to keep the page silent.

But, I cannot take it anymore.  On September 28, 2013, United lost at home to West Bromwich Albion and I paid for the hosting for the site.  But I didn’t actually take the time to develop the page in even the most rudimentary form until after the December 7, 2013 loss to Newcastle.

That’s it.  I’ve had it.  He needs to go.  There are no positive signs from the team, no glimmer of hope.  The team looks stale and the players don’t look like they want to play for him.

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the United fans who somehow equate “supporting the manager” with “supporting the club.”  We don’t apply this logic to the players, we all said, “Dimitar Berbatov is lazy!” and that wasn’t a traitorous statement.  These performances from Moyes’ squad are simply not good enough and supporting him only shows that we are willing to accept mediocrity.

Mediocrity happens sometimes, but it should never be accepted.

If you agree, say so in the comments below.  If you disagree, let’s hear why?  And please, let’s have something stronger than how much time Sir Alex Ferguson was given (since SAF didn’t inherit a title-winning side)….